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  Are these legal forms valid?
  Can I have the form reviewed by an attorney?
  How can I edit the forms?
  I receive an error when I try to download my form.
  What other resources do you recommend?
  When I download an Acrobat (PDF) or MS Word (rtf) file it comes up garbled.
  Which file type is the best to download?

Other Questions
  Are there any issues that you cannot assist me with?
  Is this legal insurance?
  Can I talk to an attorney about an existing legal matter?
  Can my legal questions be answered by email?
  Do I have to retain the attorney in order to get my questions answered?
  How do I speak to an attorney?
  I retained an attorney, but I did not receive my discount.
  What if I am not comfortable with the referral and want to talk to a different attorney?
  What if the attorney you refer me to will not take my case?

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